So, the first week of my college time has come! Actually, I attend in English Department and take a bachelor degree on English Literature. Yet my faculty does consist of five department and gives the name Faculty of Humanities. Later, I know from one of my lecturer, he teaches PIB (Cultural Studies Introduction), that its previous name (Faculty of Literature) was not suitable for our faculty.

At that time, around 2007-2008 most of History Department students protest to our lecturer that they’re not studying about literature yet their degree as same as literature students. Then several lecturers changed our faculty’s name as you can say now: Faculties of Humanities.

Beside, I’m studying about culture too. It’s wider context than I’ve expected before. Basically, I do like studying about culture and multiculturalism. This is my chance to understand more about Indonesia and its diversity. Recently, I find many cases  Indonesian people are struggling to reach their rights and defending themselves from poverty, starvation, and fatuity. I’m gonna be mad with our government’s policies, today’s laws and corrupt environment here. Hopefully, from cultural approach, I can contribute something to help Indonesians with my hand and thoughts.

My PIB lecture -Mr. List- told me that his subject actually was the most important subject in any discipline. Yet, it exists only in our Faculty. Because PIB stands for humanity understanding, we’re forced to give a reasonable causes to explain cultural phenomena. It aims to keep our nation to be united in diversity. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.