Since I have been listening to several theories of culture, I always have a point of view in a cultural way. This is the new point of me that change my opinion about everything. For example, when something goes wrong, I will observe it as a cultural problem. This will be my focus tonight -I can’t write in the whole days except night-.

Well, I’m bothered with the traffic. No, not really. Particularly, I’m bothered by people’s attitude. They always stop outside of zebra cross when red light turns on. Whereas, it has turned on since 4 seconds early. It looks like, they do not have attention in a timer beside the lamp. They just look at the lamp, stop, and drive as they like.

The funny fact is, when yellow light turns on, people start to drive at excessive speed. Maybe they don’t understand about yellow light’s meaning or they have an important business to do. Ah, this is one of Indonesian tradition -always in a hurry-. Most of Indonesian people may not prepare more time for their preparation. It causes the only way of solution: break out the yellow light in traffic! They chase the time.

Actually, break out the yellow light is one of the cultural phenomenon. It’s unique. I can say it because it’s done by communal. It has frozen over years and made a custom in our society. Maybe, the people are influenced by these words “Break your limit”. It’s funny. The magical words turn into a bad habit; break the rules in a traffic. How can they don’t have a mind about their safety themselves? It’s just because common tradition and so the people just do it? The police also do not care any more about this.

As my lecturer said last week, Indonesia has not had a civilization yet. Civilization appears from culture. A culture starts from unstoppable learning process to gain better life. Culture involves human’s mind to ease their problem. For a little case like the case above, the Indonesian can’t overcome it. So how come we’re called a civilized country? But I think, we’re undergoing the maintenance through character building in all sector; education, management, economic, etc. It’s an enormous challenge for the government as the first hand to regulate this country.

Sultan Hamengkubuwono X told us that nowadays we have to solve all Indonesia’s problem in cultural ways. Yeah, because culture drives community. For the goodness or the badness, it depends on us. It starts from ourselves to be motor for our community.