Read! Read! And Read! Wherever you’re, just read. What thing that can be read? Yourself, your surroundings, your people, and surely: your heart. It’s like enhancing our knowledge and tying it down to our mind. Reading is just a simply activity to make you change.

Well. Last night, I read a book named “Para Pencari Tuhan” – the God Seeker. It’s rewritten by Syaikh Nadhim Al-Jisr; one of Tripoli’s Mufti. In Islam, Syaikh is the one who’s advanced in both theoretical and practical knowledge of Islam. This book wake me up from the longest hibernation I’ve ever had. Because of my sloppy way; I’ve lost much valuable times to worship in Allah. Astaghfirullah. I’d like to think that this was Allah’s way calling me back. After all unimportant stuffs I had done, I -finally- found the way to come back.

In that book, Syaikh Nadhim told about his friend’s experience. His friend’s name was Hayraan. Hayraan used to study with Syaikh Mawzuun (Syaikh in Samarkand) about philosophy. Firstly, it told me about the real meaning of philosophy was. I’m interested to Syaikh Mawzuun’s words in case of philosophy: “Philosophy is like an ocean. It’s so special, it’s not common. Those, who just come in its bank, they will lose their way incompletely. Yet for those who sail their boat in the middle, they will safe and gain their faith.”

He taught Hayraan about former philosopher; like Aristoteles, Plato and their theory of philosophy. Of course, it was always discussing the existence of the One and Only -Allah, the Almighty-; beginning of the universe; material; the deepest mind of human; so on. You know, philosophy’s stuffs. Various thought to discuss and learn. But, the most interesting thing was  limitation of human’s mind. It showed up when former expert philosopher just blocked about explaining creation of matter. They just went around through their imagination, for they did not want to admit the God. They trapped inside their mind.

Later, Hayraan received additional explanation of Muslim’s philosopher. They were: Ibn Rusyd, al-Farabi, etc. Basically, they did have a strong faith to Allah, they read Al-Qur’an, they did Rasulullah’s order, and over all, they’re good Muslims. After achieving a great ability to understand philosophy; they combined both their faith and their knowledge. Baam! They found the greatest light ever. They did wonderful work to give significant contribution in Islam. As they thought that Islam is the truth, the beauty, and the needs of everybody.

From Al-Qur’an, facts of sciences and other social-natural evidences; Hayraan became very sure about Islam. For example: the baby. Who’s creating them? Who’s caused to fan out their soul inside their mother’s womb? Who’s giving perfect shape to them? Who’s to make them talk, think, and breath? You know, the answer are inside the Qur’an. He is the One, our Creator.

It’s philosopher’s homework to think on it. Or, are these order for us, the entire people of the world.