Today, I accepted my first mid term test during this semester in English Literature Department, University of Airlangga. Some are good, it’s for A, Alhamdulillah. But, one is sufficient. BC for Listening skill. Well, maybe it’s caused by my trouble ears. Time for seeing the doctor, I think (well, for this moment, there are some news reports in newspaper, TV, and other mass media that lift it up; related about doctor, hospital, and judgement. And I still believe both doctor and government have to understand the real fact each other if they want to solve the problem instead of fighting).

What I am going to write is accepting score. We study, submit for assignment, do the research, and so on are the variable to get our best score in education, particularly. Sometimes, we do unusual way; grasp your friend tightly or talk to the tutor obsequiously. But, they are really the worst method I have ever met. Do not you have a good one to catch your dream? Accepting score means that you have tests and your lecturer gives you certain score.

An example, we get a bad score for some subjects. Then, what we think? Blaming ourselves or others?

If we blame others, we have to see our deepest heart. Have we prepared enough? Do we serve the best for the test and result? Actually, when we compete through something we fight ourselves. It’s fighting to us. Be sure that if we have served the best, we deserve the best too.