Last night, I chatted with two close friends, F and A ( I don’t need to tell their name). Firstly, we’re excited to find a sponsorship for our traveling project. Then we share our idea and mind. A gives the easiest way, “Why don’t we just write a book?”

Yes, personally I think it’s a good idea. Writing books and then selling it. How?

Then, we have a problem with genre. What genre will be written? Comedy? Fiction? Academic? We did have serious problem. My dear two friends had different character from me. They’re like a simple writer who write anything simply. No need to think to read, it’s like just flowing in the air. You just have to follow their flow. Me? I am not. I do write a kind of academician. Full of arguments, facts, based on formal data, everything is calculated. People have to think when they wish they read for it.

Perhaps, sometimes I envy to them; my dear two friends. Because, we academician can’t please the common people and bring them light stories with a couple of feeling: scream, laugh, and sad. No, we can’t involve those emotions through our writing. We have to deliver some important information to several people. I just thought about why do people create popular-science article. Yes, maybe this is bridging among academician writers to the common people.