Student of College’s activities. . .

So, now we are not talking about wasting day by day with several routines: go to bed, wake up, lecture, lunch, tutorial class, assignment, net socializing, and go to bed again. LOL, nope. We’re young, we’re free. As Bruno Mars said, we run free. We, in this term is youth, teenagers.

So, what will you do, youth? Is that all you can do? Why don’t we try another activity? You have hobby, you have family, you have friends, you have ability, and you do have your life. For us, being single and free is like a great blessing from Allah, The Almighty. Starting here, we have chances to change ourselves, country, and the world. You do not believe? Prove it! Stand on your feet and take your steps.

You may have an activity with anti-racism organization, green for the city community, or football club in your country. They are good enough to help you grow up, even you’ve realized that you really grew up :). But, be careful of this: dehumanization.

We do know, our world is driving to be a total industrial-global village, right? These are two interesting words; global and village. I can stress this for the function of using it. They are totally different in meaning. Global means unity, to be united. Literary means, all people in the world exist in the same space and time, to do something together, with a transparent system but some exception still go around inside the “elite”, how ironic! You have to be the production unit that produce the fake need of human. Village means you’re being united with mother nature. Even though a doctor in film World War Z has said that mother nature was the greatest killer for human, I am sure we have to be united with it. There is no point to join the words side by side. Because what will be happened is confusing human of their role play inside their life.

So, be humble, smart, and caring people. Don’t you wish to be a standard student, be an outstanding people! Give your time to socialize, development yourself, and start your journey through the world.