It is still February. But, I surely will not correlate it with any Val Day tradition. Nope. It is about another case.

Sometimes, you will feel the love through the air. It is coloring your life and every breath you take. Uh, occasionally, I hear it takes a title “Pinky Virus”. It sticks deeply, underneath your heart. It will make your heart thumping and bubbling. Do not you hope that someone over there will hear your lovey voice, do you? If you clearly ask me “Are you in love?”; well I should not tell you. It is totally a secret. I create this article because I do worry about some of my friends who acts not in their natural due to their feeling inside. Hahaha. Yeah, sometimes I also get such that feeling. In the name of Allah, He -finally- protects me doing that. I am shy.

In my opinion, I should tell you that everything we do, we are watched by Allah. If we are in love, He totally knows what is happening inside our heart, who is the prince, and also what is the exact finishing point. He knows everything about the puzzle we do not know yet. So, maybe He gave us the-love-feeling to give us trial or a blessing.

Come on, naturally it is part of human being. Those are “being loved” and “to love”. Nothing wrong on it; but how do we react on it.

I give you a lyric from Maher Zain’s song, For the Rest of My Life.

I was always thinking that love was wrong
But everything was changed when you came along

Nah, it is clearly told us about reacting on in. Of course, we have to marry to make him halal for us. Of course, we have to be his wife to make him us. And of course, we do not want his wife in the heaven (the fairy) takes himself over us. So, I just can give you suggestion, if you are in love; do not spread it. Hide it and pray to Allah. May He gives us the precious prince we have dreamed. The least, prepare yourself as the most beautiful princess with a light of iman, akhlaq, and a smart mind. I mean it.