Bismillah,This is the earliest post I have ever made ๐Ÿ™‚

So, the story is, suddenly I am getting bored of doing something. Every morning, I have to drop my grandmother in her office in Bogowonto street. Due to this responsibility, I have to get up earlier, less time to rest, and of course I have to finish my paper and online assignment the night before. Sometimes I feel like, “Why do I have to do such this thingy? Why I get this chance, why is not other?”

Oh, let me introduce my lovely grandmother first. She has been a student-shop keeper in SMP Hang Tuah 1 Surabaya since my grandfather died 13 years ago. She is in her 65 this July; such a very old woman. Despite all of this things, I admit, she is incredible! Every morning around 3-5 a.m. (even when I haven’t get up yet), she prepares all the housewife thingy like sweeping the floor, cooking breakfast, washing stuffs, and cleaning the bathroom or bedroom. At 6 o’clock, she has to go to SMP Hang Tuah 1; it’s about 10 km from home; 20 minutes by motorcycle, 30 minutes by public transportation (bemo).

Um, maybe this is a little chance to requite her; which has not paid her effort yet (to take care of me in my whole life!). I can lead her to the school and some times, I stay a while there. I have small talk about life, my college friends, for many occasion I tell her about the love and plan to marriage. My grandmother always responds me seriously and gives me suggestion what I have to do. But, this time… I just feel bored! I even do not mean to do this all the time, but I need my own time in the morning. I realize how happy the human if they can help others. I know it from my experiences and also other people’s stories. Not for this time, once again, I feel bored.

I do not know whether it’s because I have B blood type or I am too tired of getting up earlier. You know, I join 4 organizations and be an idealistic student who have to study journals and papers every night. The thing is I keep doubting myself.

An hour ago, I thought hard while I was laying down lazily in living room’s chair. What on earth I doubted for. I had to release to encounter this problem soon. I had to know the solution before I get married. Of course, it is because I will have someone beside me everyday; he will be the first person I cherish when I get up and the last person I stare when we go to bed. Haha, it will be a disaster when I can not overcome such this boring of routinizes problem. So, I put my mind back to several days before, months before, and years before. An ayah of Qur’an in surah Ar-Rahmaan (55) reminded me of which His blessing can not be denied.

Fabiayyi aalaa i rabbikuma tukaddzibaan…

If I can have 6 sisters in my halaqah and my mentor (murabbi) give us advice; when the other girls over there have annoying girl and boy friends;

If I can be a part of Ikhwah Community in Surabaya; when the most girls be a part of haunted and depressed youth community;

If I am surrounded by Sunnah-lovers; when the most girls are surrounded by drug-lovers and womanizers;

Fabiayyi aalaa i rabbikuma tukaddzibaan…

If I can have a course in EF (English First) Surabaya and speak with English native speaker; when the most girls have a bed-course with their boyfriends

If I can study in a famous campus, University Airlangga, Surabaya with its motivational lecturer; when the most girls have to raise their children because of her non marital intercourse;

If I can be a part of BEM FIB (the student executive board in my faculty) and I meet many many many extraordinary people; when the others girls be a part of bad gangster;

Fabiayyi aalaa i rabbikuma tukaddzibaan…

If my parents still by my side; when the other girls’ parents were died;

If I can stay at a big and cozy home; when the other girls do not have home to share their lives;

If I can breath, see, walk, hear, write; when the other girls can not do what I have done;

Fabiayyi aalaa i rabbikuma tukaddzibaan…

If I am still Muslimah and Mukminah.

Now, I know. Loving the family first is an exercise to rich the EQ (Emotional Quotient), practical study before marriage, and grow up our self-potential. It is just a case to solve today. Alhamdulillah, Allah still reminds me. Alhamdulillah, Allah still gives a remembrance to answer my problem. How near Allah is!

The point is when we are getting bored, just think about how Allah is never getting bored to give us favor (ni’mah) to make our life easier. Allah is never getting bored to save us from His naar. Allah is never getting bored to guide us through this journey in this world. Praise to Allaah. ๐Ÿ™‚