Technically, I have been teaching for 5 years, but not in a formal school. I just give additional course to some students in my neighborhood. I’d like to tell you that I live in a poor neighborhood, yet I also have so many luck. As my contribution, I give low-cost courses to help the students pass their exams and do their homework. Luckily, I have attended popular and high-rank school in Surabaya; and my neighborhoods had some attention to me to teach their children. They agree to pay me IDR 125,000 or $10/months for 2-hour-course in 4 days a week.

For some reasons, I think, what I am doing is helping others. However, there’s still such a “education business” inside. My activity brings a predicament to my life, now. When more and more students want to be taught, yet I still have so many activities in my uni-life, I ask myself many times too. What is my purpose by giving them courses? Is it only helping my neighborhood or raising the money from them?

I am a kind of “strict and idealist” person; so the conflict grows bigger and bigger. Raising money is important to my uni-life because my father doesn’t give extra money beside my tuition fee per semester. In the other hands, I like helping others to solve their problem and I like to give charity to people (for this attitude, my father often complains me so much). Hm… I still have other ideas; such as writing articles, being student’s trainer, and following academical competitions. Ya.. I must be creative and improve my skills. I believe that the God gives me problem with its solution.

Okay, I will keep teaching my neighborhood and then keep helping them. Ya, I don’t know why is teacher becoming a popular job. Hahaha, maybe it’s the effect of the government’s remuneration; who knows? The teacher, especially those who are being civil servant, will have bright future, subsidy, high assurance, and all special facilities from the government. I’d love to hear that. However, being a teacher is not only teaching the material but also the mind and the heart.