Going extra miles in this semester, I am facing this new creature; literature. It is not that I hate it or whatsoever; but it needs particular ability to cut its layers deep inside. While I am trying to read English journals as many as possible, I have to dive into the literature’s world. Pay attention to this, if I read academic journal, means I read the fact; not the imagery. For instance, I read Aristotle’s philosophy, then I think about the existence of the world, I see a fact behind it.

However, when I read a literature, I need a sense of imagination. No, actually it is to wrap up the facts into my imagination. For example, I read Harry Potter. Denotative side, I read about his adventure with Ron and Hermione to fight Voldemort and bring Hogwarts its glory. Connotative side, I must consider about symbols — Greek or Rome mythology–, theme, value of lifespan, even its character’s point of view to perceive the world. Fortunately, my lecturer has implemented new criticism theory since our first meeting; so she ignores extrinsic factors of the text.


Okay, before attending the class, I must read a text (a short story from the old world e.g. 1940, 18th c) to define its meaning. Then, we have a quiz. Great! I am confused for most the words and I decide to answer the quiz bravely. Hahaha, I got 40 for the last quiz. Yeah, it’s okay. Even literature is more complex than understanding a concept of love. Hahaha.

On the contrary, my lecturer is enjoy in explaining it. What about correlation of title and the whole text, how they relate each other, how the characters raise conflicts, and how they feel; detect its meaning by noticing some figures of speech, repeating sentence, and analyzing its situation. I don’t know how she enjoys this process. Do I have to be a maniac of literature? Some days in the past, I used to be a kind of person. Literature was everything of my life.

One time, my lecturer said that, if you enjoyed the literature, you appreciated the world, living things, anything. It made us human. Yeah, I think it helps me to perceive the world better. Now, I just want to exercise this “particular ability”. Hopefully, I can perceive more; think more positive; and another literature’s positive meaning.

I love you, Literature.