Surabaya, 1st of November 2014

Assalamualaikum Shaheer,

When I am writing this letter, I am watching on your Panah Asmara Arjuna in ANTV. I don’t know why I feel that I have to write this letter to you, as soon as possible. Ah, I am one of Mahabharata’s fans, I usually watch it every night after a whole day activities. I am glad that you with Pandawa(s), Dhuryudhana, and Karna came to Indonesia. That’s all it. I enjoy your program on ANTV and when I am not getting sleepy, I also watch Graha Cinta Arjuna.

I do really appreciate you when you try to keep smiling in front of us (Indonesian fans); your effort to do the best even in your face you’re exhausted; you try to introduce your culture and learn our culture; and you keep being patient when you are among the Dewi-Dewi. It’s not deniable that you’re handsome. However, somehow, it is not fair if you are treated with annoying attitude from all the programs you have joint. I do give you a salute here.

Mahabharata is an epic film; teaches us about honor, justice, norms, and humanity. Indonesia, especially in Java and Bali has a close relation in our history to that legend. I’m sure you understand this fact. When you come here as an Arjuna, in my opinion, you are an ambassador from Mahabharata to spread good values here. But then, the reality is, you’re not received such a proper program, especially in Panah Asmara Arjuna. Umm, that’s in my opinion. Well, if you want to think positively, okay; I just apologize for this. This only destroys the images of Indonesian girls.

Once, my 70-year-old grandmother told me that, “Poor Shaheer Sheikh. He is too adorable to be given such Dewi-Dewi. I really know how is Arjuna in the old version of the stories; and Shaheer is the most suitable person even in his characteristics. Arjuna is adorable, handsome, kind, and famous; and so is Shaheer. Maybe, you have to find such a humble husband like Arjuna.”J

Fortunately, there are persons such as Gebit, Nada, and Yana who try to be honest and natural in front of you. Yeah, they are great people. One of them may be appropriate to be your companion when you go back to India. J

I just want to say; keep being patient, keep your spirit, and always positive thinking, because you will be able to choose the proper candidate. Please deliver my huge greetings to Pandawas and Kurawas (especially Yudhistira; I love his calm and wise characteristics)

May Allah bless all your day.