Tell me, who doesn’t want to travel around the world? Who! Even my mother who is always being the most annoying person to keep me home; she also likes traveling. Fiuh, she contradicts herself.

Once in a life time, I used to promise to myself to make it true, to motivate me to pass the high school. Yes, I would be jilbab traveler. Traveling makes you understand what on earth you will face in your life; it makes you open your mind; it makes you wiser and better. Most of all travelers say that “you need to travel to gain the best self-development”.

However, nowadays, I still prepare my journey. Starting from the nearest beach from home, farther to other cities, farthest to the nearest other countries.

Uh, do you want to know how I prepare these stuffs?

1. Find an international networking. You should join international organization or being volunteer or competition. The more you know the people; it’s easier for you to prepare your mental to face them. Uh, don’t forget to read topic about “Cross Cultural Communications”. It works!

2. Improve your language. Remember, it’s not only the verbal language; but our non verbal too. At least, you have to be able to speak English or passive skills on English. At least, you know the universal attitude such as how to smile, say “thank you” and “please”. Different culture might irritate and frustate you beacuse of the language barrier. So, you must learn the language.

3. Save my money. One of the well-known travelers said that if you want to travel around the world, the expenses would be $1200 per month. Wew, Sir, It’s a big deal for Indonesian. Haha *sigh. In here, I usually use only Rp 1,000,000 per month (around $90-$100). As a college student and freelancer, I got Rp 1,800,000; and I save Rp 800,000 per month. You know, even though you have a free ticket from Air Asia, you should pay the airport tax and visa.

4. Be an active student. Please be dilligent to search some information about scholarship, grant, and or competition. The phase of college students are the best time of my life! I have a loooot opportunities to join many international programs for free. Yes, for free! Umm, don’t forget to pursue a high rank, great GPA (3.5-4.0), and follow some organizations and volunteering program. Ah, your lecturers can be your bridge to have such opportunities.

5. Make a prayer. God is always listening to us; but He knows when we need and appropriate to be given our dreams. Keep trying, keep in touch with the God, and keep moving forward.

Dear myself, this is my promise to you. May Allah bless this promise.