A Facebook link came to my wall. From my old friend, Shabrina who are studying bio-molleculer in Gajahmada University. She said, “Take it for your rest time…”

The short story is about Ketika Mas Gagah Pergi (When Brother Gagah has Gone). The writer is Helvy Tiana Rosa (she was appreciated as the first Muslimah who wrote a teen-Islamic short story).

Here is the review.

Gita Ayu Pratiwi had a handsome, active, religious, cute, energic, and brilliant brother, named Gagah. He was a student of Faulty of Technic in University of Indonesia. But, Gagah changed after he had gone to Madura and meet a Kiai (ustadh) over there. Gagah turned to be a wiser, more religious, cleverer man. Gita refused this; but she then understood why her brother changed. Gita also saw how her brother brought hidayah of Allah to the 3 musketeers and developed a social house for unhoused children. Her heart was melting in stepping her brother’s way. Then, as soon as possible, Gita wore the Hijab. She felt Allah’s hidayah too. One day, Gita was turn to be 17th. Shw waited for her brother; but Gagah was hospitalized. Some unknown people tried to attack him for his effort to defend a mushola. Finally, Gagah had gone, in the name of Allah.

Reading these passages; I feel that Allah tries to help me defend my heart in this way (jazakillah to Shabrina; you’re the best friend I’ve ever had). These days, I always ask “why why why me” in the presence of mixed color of ideologies.

The story has honestly told me that, when you seek Allah, He will come to you. No matter what and where you do. It reminds me that whatever we do, Allah is always watching of us. Astaghfirullah…

Then, for the sake of Allaah… I will use this blog to share any useful contents only.