These two days, I was being a committee for once of SKIPPER’s event; East Java Students Leadership Camp. A lot of things that I had experienced; specially in upgrading my iman and faith. I have been realized that Allah has softened my heart during this event. Alhamdulillah. I was involved with ikhwah who turn their ways to face Allah directly.

The first thing that when I bought some souvenirs for the speakers in Kenjeran; and I just had an hour and a half to do it. I brought Rp 200,000, but I wasn’t able to buy the entrance ticket because of there was no change. The cost was Rp 5.000, and the staff was not able to give me the change. She didn’t let me enter. How dissapointed was that. I even didn’t understand why she did that. As a public recreation, they had to serve every visitor kindly. But, a moment later, two old teachers came to buy tickets for their pupils. I asked them for help, and they helped me to enter the Kenjeran. After I thanked, I ran to the nearest shop to buy souvenirs. When I went back, something came in my thought. That was particularly what I had done to several people. I didn’t treat them respectfully. It used to be a mirror that it was annoying and harsh to others. I have learnt that focus and repair our niat are very important in the beginning until the end of my activities.

The second thing was how Allah answered my a question that made me going crazy. Well, it’s about my heart, and every heart had its own crumbling phase. Hehe. I found a fact and it’s clearly shown in front of me. Allah has given me in the right time and the right place, with His right ways. Now, I just kept it slow to react to the fact. Instead of behaving too much, I choose praying a lot; let Allah show His best decision for me.

After all, EJSLC 2014 gave all the committees learnt everything; bout the brotherhood, trust, promise, honor, bravery, and iman. They were not all about financial; there were too much not for it. I am now sure that every activity of Muslim/ah -since it is not a denial to Allah- is a virtue for them.