He is like a laptop. I like writing something; mostly about a report or stories. And the laptop is always with me writing my thought.

He is also like chocolate. He is sweet. His skin is also literally like a chocolate; he has dark brown chocolate. But, his thoughts are sweet. The most important is, he likes to make me getting my mood.

He’s like a book. He’s smart and he even got a perfect GPA in his college. He opens my mind ’bout everything.

He’s music in my life. I enjoy our conversations so much. There’s always new topic and new knowledge he talks to me.

And he’s always being a pray of me. Because only God, Allah Almighty who can make us unite as a family.

So, I read a book and then write something in my laptop. I also eat some chocolate and listen to the music. I begin and end those simultaneous activities with a pray to God. That’s how he means to me.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Language of Things.”