Snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a footprint to be seen. A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I’m the queen. Let it go… Let it go… Can’t hold it back anymore… Turn away and slam the door. I don’t care, what they are going to say, let the storm rage on. The cold never bother me anyway. I am free.

Welcome back, my cold-and-breeze world! I choose you because I need to freeze my heart to the unimportant things I meet. In these months; fortunately, the heart-ice is not melting for all its part.

I choose to be tough because I don’t want to harsh any other person again; basically mine. Just, be tough and strong cause you’re a Muslimah. You’re not an ordinary girl. Yes, I am a wonderful, strong hearted, and perfect woman. I am ready to be an unconscious feminist, again; but now I know where do I can stop.

Never turning back again to the warmth and summer. No summer. No sunshine. It’s just the wind, cold, and ice, or the beautiful snow. That. I’ll stop in the right time and the right place.