It is mainstream that I hang out with Konspirasi Taberu; so I decide to leave them and go out with other friends. Actually, I made an appointment only with my American lecturer, Ms. Christi to give her sea-stuff gifts as she intended to help my writing skills. But, surprisingly, she met with other freshmen from International Relations Department (where Bas is studying). She said with her crunchy voice, “Because I have two meeting, why don’t I take it in a time. Is it wonderful?”

So, in Caffeology, one caffe in Gunawangsa apartment, I knew Dijey, Hanif or Helmi or … ah I forgot his name, Ade, and Nadia for the first time. They are my new freshmen friends from International Relations Department. They are such true IR students; talkative, friendly, curious, and amazing. They called last night event as “hanging out with bule”. Miss Christi was just buzzling to hear the term. Dijey, who was very happy to conduct this event for his friends told me that, “Everyone can join in our discussion Mbak!”

Man, I expected a moderate meeting, a little bit heavy discussion, with coffee and some snacks. I wanted to have a consultation time about my paper, but it’s banished for a while. Dijey and Christi were the best partner to make the discussion a bit crazy; giggles and chuckles all the time. Dijey is a fast English speaker due to his experience of four-year living in America, no wonder that he speaks so fast, or I might think he got no space and breath between words. But, I noticed some heavy talk about hijab -why Nadia and I use that- and ages and marriage.

Form our talks last night, I noticed Dijey’s way how to make people get interested to us; maximizing our curiousity. That’s for all. It’s like, hey, I want to know more and more about you. Can you tell me who are you, what is your background, and how life treats you. Nice lesson you taught me, dude. I thanked you. I just need my awareness to have such that ability; my introvert mental wouldn’t let it be easy. Yeah I will make it happen!

Okay, I have to edit some articles. I’d like to go back to my holiday-work 🙂