A small talk happened last night; in our small journey from the Balai Pemuda to the Delta Plaza; but we ended up in Zangrandi. “Our” was not so important; they were just one of my closest friends and me. We were watching a maroon-blue sky together when he started that small talk with a simple question.

“How can I be a good people?”
“What? Just do it.”
“But, how if the standard (of being good people) is different?”

I giggled smoothly; but I didn’t look into his face and keep walking faster than him. I asnwered again, “I have realized since 6 months ago; by noticing scattered moments in my life. That… it’s impossible for us to please every one. That… everything, everyone is not perfect. They -some times- do make mistakes; us too. It makes human, human; not God. So I learn to be more flexible to others. I am no problem with the standard; but some others no.”

And I added, “But, I still hold tight my limit; there’re values behind it. I won’t break the rules myself. Hahaha.”

We walked in a bit dark pedestrian with many cars and motors were running beside us; it was crowded situation in the Pemuda street.  We had to speak loudly. There were some yellow lamps; but small lights like that were good. I thought, the lights perfectly hid my gloomy face, warmth eyes, and sweet smile. And I thanked God for he didn’t notice that.

But then, I directly changed the topic to she who he has been loving in. Luckily, I didn’t trap on my random feeling. But still, I said inside my thought; why did he talk with me about this? I think we are close friends; but as I know, the vision of life is always being a heavy topic to be talked with someone who will be your spouse. As I know so far; yaa who knows if the life is changing. Yeah, finally, he just talked a little about her. That time, she sent a message that she was already in Zangrandi.

Next part, he talked about his unconsious life; that he made some comparation among his former idealist mind to his present tolerant ways. I just tried to understand and listen to him. After we discussed about the history of Muslim tradition; I noticed that, “Zangrandi is in front of us!” 

The random and bit heavy small talk suddenly ended up with a background of Zangrandi. He was looked like very happy and excited to see her who had sat down in her work-suit; waiting for us. 

And I, just said “Hello…” to her for the very first time; as I recognized that yesterday was the first time too I visited Zangrandi in my 19-year life in my hometown. What a coincedence!