Have you ever felt that Allah makes you not doing what do you plan; or makes you not getting what do you want? Simply, it is put by Allah in this verse:

Today, I planned to go to an International Higher Education Exhibition at Sheraton Hotel at 3 p.m. with one of my students. I came to her house at 1 p.m. to teach her English as usual. But then, she just stayed lazily in a chair while watching TV. I asked her softly to do the English exercises but she did it slowly. 

Yap! After we discussed for a while, the clock showed on the 3 p.m. and adzan of Asar was airing in the air. She said to me, “May I go to bath?”

“Yes, of course. Be pretty there girl, cause you’ll be known globally,” I answered. After she finished bathing, I went for a wudhu. Yeah, we had a prayer of Asar. I failed in most of my prayer to remember Allah and just spoke dumb in my mind. Why did she go so slow? Wasn’t she interested to my invitation? If she wasn’t, why didn’t she cancel our meeting in that International Education Exhibition and I would drive myself. Yeah, I recalled for that. Haha. The rain, then, perfectly ruined my plan! It was almost 4.30 p.m. and the event would be closed at 5 p.m. Great! It seems that our my plan was finished. Finally, I didn’t go to the exhibition.

Suddenly, she received a message from my friend who also taught her sister. My friend couldn’t come because of the rain. Okay, I was asked to teach her sister. Here, I still got no hikmah in this accident. A bit angry to them. 🙂 Oh, how pity I was. Astaghfirullah… But, it was almost Maghrib that I noticed something.

Allah made me to stay here to have additional cash to support my traveling plan. Yeah, because I was paid every time I came to their house for teaching them English. Allahu Akbar! Before this, I had sought for Allah’s help of gaining more financial to fulfill my traveling expenses… Ya Allah… You answered my du’a in the right time, in the right place. 

How unluckily I was to not realizing this puzzle. Yeah… sometimes, we are too fast to conclude our selves. That makes us fall in deep despair, that makes us far away from Allah’s hidayah and guidance. Astaghfirullah. His plans is always the best instead of our plans. He knows the complete puzzle of ours; but we not. So, let’s keep husnuzhon to Allah; let’s keep our true believe on His plan. 

There’s nothing impossible with Allah’s help. 🙂

PS: *ssst… I travel on January 19, 2015. Several hours later… Alhamdulillah…