Tomorrow is Sunday; but I have an event which drives me to attend at 6. Wait, I look again on the schedule and say, “MashaAllah… this is Sunday. Why don’t I have a time in the morning with my family?” 

I just recalled several days ago that I played badminton with Dila, Wahyu, Arum, Ayu, Najwa, and Santi. They were all in my house and I canceled all the events that day. I stayed at home and enjoyed my time along with them. That day, I realized that after many-many years since I was entered my high school, I had never played the badminton again in the front yard. 

Okay, this phrase sounds weird: family day. 

Well, in my opinion, why should we need a special day to gather all members of the family genk? I just got something in my mind that in reality, don’t we have enough time to have a talk each other? Don’t we have enough time to listen each member’s problems or life story, so that we need to arrange the family day? Couldn’t they (who we call them family members) create the time every single day to meet us? Or, this is the part of the saddest, are we not important enough in their lives? 

Maybe, the globalizatioin stuffs (tech, cyber, network) really change our life and our mind. I’d rather call us machines than human. We’re chased by something that we don’t know. We run for the time being, sometimes we don’t know too about our aim. The future is still in jeopardy, so we compete each other to settle our place; even we don’t know what place we’ll be placed. We walk for a long journey; some people call it the God’s way; some people call it the world; and some others call it the peace. We are being the most selfish creatures in these journeys.

Folks, don’t you, some times, feel tired? Have the meaning of family also changed? I am sure the sentences, “wherever you goyou can always come back home” in 93 Million Miles song still be the meaning of our families. They are our places to come back after the journeys. That’s the place called home. Do not ever hush them from your life. In conclusion, I think, there’s no thing such a family day because if we really have time for them, every single day will be our family day. Because love doesn’t know the “stop” word.