And I keep my mind about my linguistics lecturer’s words, every human has lexical items in his/her brain. So that’s why; even though the words are messy; we still can read right. 

But, I’m interested in a statement that we still can read as long as the first and final letters are in order. In addition, we look at the words as a whole; not in detail. So that we can recall the lexical items from our brains to read that well. 

Do we realize about that term which says “We look at the words as a whole”? Do we realize that we -mostly- look other things beside words -also- as a whole; not in detail? As a result; we can overcome everything in our lives -with God’s power.

We always look the bigger pictures; the bigger chances; and the bigger dreams. But we never look the bigger heart of ourselves. Just like the messy puzzle. 😀