Sherlock. Holmes.

Okay, if I have a case to consult to him (Sherlock, of course); I would consult about how to solve my Western Cultural Civilization subject. It gives me pain because the textbook just write illogical stories without the right timestone. They do have theexact time but it’s not in order. Then, how are we supposed to make a mind map within a week with some friends who dislike reading? Maybe, my case is too boring for him.

However, by watching his and Watson’s films (serial TV), I learn to connect everything with a focusing ability. It increases my ability to be not easily distracted. I learn how to focus to connect facts, stories, and details, and also chances. Thanks for giving me such incredible experiences. Oooh… I’d love it when he says, “Oh.” with a remarkable tone and voice. You know, Mr. Holmes, since the WCC became one of the most difficult subject in my major for my friends; it has been delivered well to my mind. Ooh… I am happy for that.

The science of deduction. I am a social student -well, literature student- and I’m quite sure that deduction is only used for the science student to identify and observe their specimen. But, now I know both of them use deduction; to make a valid conclusion (about why and how). Ah, such a brilliant character from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Okay, Mr.Holmes, I am waiting your next special serial. Hope to see you directly in 221B Baker Street, UK.