What do you feel if you are asked to deliver a speech in a few minutes before the event starts?

Nervous? Wanna go to the toilet? Have a sudden stomach-ache? Or, make a preparation?

Last Friday, my lecturer asked the class if we have ever been asked to give impromptu speech. I said I have one.

Well, I am not a master of giving speech without preparation. But, it happened to me last year when I was in my elementary school reunion. One of my friend asked me, “Annisa, as the best student of this school many years ago, would you like to give a 3-minute-speech?”

My response was completely zonk. “What? Do you know that I haven’t made any prep yet?” 

“Of course I know. But, I’m sure you always have something to say. Say everything. Okay. You have ten minutes to prepare,” he replied. Ten minutes later, the event started and I had to go to the stage to deliver my speech. It was not an event that had thousands audiences; but still… I was nervous, I didn’t make a good arrangement of what I was going to say. See, I didn’ have any choice, then. So I just went to stage and delivered my speech. At the moment, after the standard greeting and gratitudes; I started to have brainstorming about my past memories with my friends and teachers. I told that those experiences had succeed to shape our condition today. Then it turned out to be a bit-longer speech and I was asked to stop. Ooh… it was not too scary to have an impromptu speech, indeed. 😀

Okay, back to the present days. My lecturer gave the class some ways to make preparation of an impromptu speech easily. Let’s check them out:

1. PREP (Points, Reason,Example, and Points)

a. After the standard gratitudes; you have to say your main points based on the topic you’re given. State you points with, “Here, I would like to say that…” or “This is what I’m going to talk about…”
b. Make the reason why you choose your points to deliver in your speech. It’s indicated by, “I’m very interested to talk this because…” or “Why I choose that is because…”. Make your reasons logic and related to the topic.
c. Give the example from your personal experience. One of my tutor in EF told me that the easiest example was from my personal memory or experiences. It would make people cherish your speech and see it is delivered from your heart. Ah, you can add some jokes here.
d. Sum up and underline your points again. The important things for you can also be the important ones to the audiences. Don’t forget to restate them in the end of your speech. 

2. Before – Present – Future

a. If the topic is a kind of chronological order; such as “How globalization has changed our big world”, you should think to use this method. Firstly, you can state the meaning of globalization in general term. After that, you can tell a little bit history before it’s spread. Or, if you hate the historical things, just say with your or your relatives past experiences. Making stories with examples is really the best way to share to people. 
b. Explain nowadays. Tell the audiences; what you see and hear; where do your steps come in; what’s happening right now in front of you.
c. State your prediction about the future that will happen. Not only experts can make prediction. For general terms; you always have rights to make them. To make it easy, relate your prediction with the events you have mentioned before. For example, if you state tha you’ll use cellphone nowadays to control your network, you can predict that 30 years later, you will use cellphone to build a house. If you’re finish, then, end your speech with quotes to be noticed in your audiences’ life time. 

Okay, I hope this tips will be useful for your impromptu speech. Have a nice speech, then! 😀