Tonight is raining; actually, I just wanted to write Taylor Swift song’s lyric. The title is Come in with The Rain; because ya… it’s raining. But, I don’t think so when I recalled my friend’s statement. He said,

There is a fine line between preparing your future and being desperate.

So… I change the topic in tonight’s writing. Don’t let the world know that I miss someone there, even though I don’t know who will be his name. Oh well, you know then.

By the way, I would like to share about the comparison between the-so-called-of-the-greatest-Hollywood-films-in-2015 (Fast Furious 7 and The Avengers: Age of Ultron) and local film such as Tjokroaminoto and Coffe Philosophy.

In one of the cinemas in Surabaya, there is an ironic situation.

credit to: Nisrina Khansa

She went to the cinema; and she had a plan to watch one of those popular Hollywood films. But after the cashier offered her double tickets (for each film only Rp 17,500 or around $1.4) and she knew that bunch of people were still in queue to watch those Hollywood films; finally she accepted the offer.

Of course, everyone has rights to choose the film. It’s just an ironic fact that the audience of Hollywood films is more than the audience of our films (as far as I know, it’s always like that, although our films some times are better than them). I think, the Guru Bangsa Tjokroaminoto and Filosofi Kopi are also the great films because it reveals Indonesian culture and local wisdom within the fascinate story and visualization. They are not the underdog films.

In March, I came for the Tjokroaminoto soft-launching in Balai Pemuda Surabaya. Reza Rahadian who played the Tjokroaminoto told the audiences that his film would depict, reflect, and share the life story of Tjokroaminoto. He is a teacher of Soekarno (the founding father of Indonesia) and many important figures of Indonesia. It brought us, the youngster, the history of our nation’s builder to construct our mind in building our country. How Tjokroaminoto’s thought and spirit directed the people against colonizer was clearly shown; how his attitudes towards others was clearly drawn out. I think, it’s important for us to rely on their goodness to help each other in formulating a sustainable prosperity and justice for us. I admit that film is the best way to learn about history. Through this film, we are expected to involve hand-in-hand as the youth of Indonesian.

Filosofi Kopi, a meaningful creation through the making of coffee, bread, and the old and legendary coffee bar. Every coffee has its own story and meaning. The young maker just makes the coffee at his starting point; but as days pass, he reveals the philosophy behind the coffee he makes. His ambition is making the perfect coffee… until it changes his life. Ben, the main character, represents the youth who is wandering his meaning of life through the coffee. It’s a classy story; but for its classic, it lasts for years. Dee is such a brilliant writer to make this kind of story; a-light-and-meaningful-story. I think, youngsters are recommended to watch this film to wander who they really are.

Those two films are full of Indonesian taste; so real and classy. It also motivates the youngsters to do something useful for their lives and also the Indonesia. Well, it’s not about judging bad the other films from Hollywood; but in the era of sovereignty, we are urged to live and stand for ourselves. We need to be proud -at least in the middle of the chaos- of our excellent works. The directors and crews were doing their best to make high quality Indonesian films. We must appreciate them.

Ah, I remember about “Loving Indonesia” right now. Ya… it’s a simple thing, anyway… you can start from choosing those films: Tjokroaminoto and Filosofi Kopi.

Sampai jumpa di bioskop terdekat ya.