Dear, my self. Today, you have already been 20th! It is not a congratulation because you will be closer with your death. So, there’s no need to overwhelm about.

Dear self, I believe that your life must go on. But, once again. There is a fine line between preparing your future and being desperate to prepare your future. I beg on you to not thinking an unimportant person you had met years ago. I believe that you have the chance to have a better man as your family leader in this world and the hereafter :’). I believe that you already have met him. Just pray a lot to Him.

Dear self, your parents are going to be old people. What can you do to help them? Remember, reading Qur’an and doing it in your daily may be recognized by Allah to help your parents. Think about your family. How are they doing right now? Is there anything you can do for them? Don’t be a selfish person! You’re going to marry soon, and you will face the new family, your husband family! So, when will you try to interact and be care with your extended family?

Dear self, don’t forget about your healthy life; both your mental and physical healthy. Men sana in corpore sano. You know, as you are getting older, you know that you’re gonna be weaker and weaker. Please… keep you food safe and start exercise 5 minutes a day.

Dear self, Allah is the one who knows best for you. Let Him decide. You can be suspicious on others; but you have to keep believe and promise to Allah. Only to Allah.