Who is not excited to be in their 20th birthday? Yesterday, I was on it; but now and a year later, inshaAllah I will be on my 20th.

So, I was shocked by many surprises from my friends through their presents. I don’t know why this year, I was received so many culinary things; a.k.a food. My best friends in campus; Fitria, Riska, and Nella gave me a pie in the jar (honestly, I just knew for the first time!)

the second one, Baskoro gave his superb pancake, Schmooze, in double packages, for free!

plus the last surprise was the mini tart from my beloved students 😀

Yaaa…. big thanks for your attention, your love, and you presents guys. It lingered my tears down (crying because of happiness).

However, I had the biggest present from my father. He hugged me! My father is a man who is hard to express his attention and his love. I remembered the last time he hugged me as he did last night was in my childhood. I got back my dad. I got back him after many years envying my other friends’ dad who did the same thing every time. My father only these words, “Please obey me and your mother.” It’s not a complex thing, but it’s a precious advise for me; as it’s a bit difficult for me to obey them.

Thanks for being my father for 20 years; and forever.