When violet eyes get brighter and heavy wings grow lighter
I’ll taste the sky and feel alive again
you know I’ll forget the world I knew but I swear I won’t forget you
– Owl City –

Alhamdulillah that I have blessed with thousands miracles this year!

After I walked back through the memories; how many times I had to fall, how many times I had to draw my dreams in the silence, how many times I had to cry so hard in the middle of the night, how many times I had to pray silently deep in my heart, how many times I have to deal with all the sorrow, tired, and boring things.

It’s one by one; paid off!

One day in 2013 Students’ Orientation days; I promised myself to be a great mahasiswa. It means, I am not going to be only a bookworm, or only an event planner; but I’m being a truly human through this process in the university.

You know, it’s simply like learning how to fly. For many people, flying can be the greatest ability that human beings don’t have. Well, it’s about flying and firstly of course you have to learn to fly. You can’t just fly away; right? And… remember, everything has its own time. So, before you realize that the time is coming; better you prepare yourself with the training. It should keep you stay alive and safe, just as the lyric above.

After the promise, I set my self to get ready in learning how to fly (this ‘fly’ is only a metaphorical explanation to symbolize my dreams). You know, it’s like reading a book, imitating someone’s pathway, stalking great people’s lives, praying a lot, joining organization, developing network, and so on. I defend myself from being too exhausted and exaggerated. I enjoyed the process. But, many of my friends gave comments, “Why are you always busy? Can’t you go hang out with us just for a while, Annisa? Can’t you go dating with a man?” 

I just replied and smiled, “No, I have to do this and this. There’s no time to do things like that. I am sorry.” They said, “Okay… be careful to not getting a man, then! Hahaha…” I nodded and giggled, “He must be with me in the right time. Bye…”

Recently, it has been 2 years since that time. I realize, I spread my wings easily, and I fly! Yeah, I’m flying. Allah has literally listened to my pray and gave me His blessings! I am granted research funding by DIKTI’s PKM (Students’ Creativity Program), I and my friend will present our paper in IACS this August, I am chosen as a participant of 1st Asian Undergraduate Summit in Universitas Airlangga and National University of Singapore, so on and so on… And I just follow wherever I should go.

Thanks to Allah, my parents, my lovely sis and bro, my big families, my lectureres, my mentors, and my best friends. Without you, those are all impossible to be reached in this sort amount of time.

Well, in the future, this posting will be a reminder for me to keep praying, trying, and flying. Bismillah…