I am studying in English Department of Universitas Airlangga, right now. In 3 minths, I would take my specialty major which is divided into 3 parts: linguistics, cultural studies, and literature. In this sophomore, I have to take the introduction course about all of them. Well, I’ve decided that I will choose the cultural studies.

But, I’d like to share a thought in literature major in this posting.

I love reading literature books; fictional ones (since when story books come into non fiction books) lol. I love reading the fairy tales which give me stories about princess and prince who are met by accident or experience sweet and unpredictable adventure, fairies, dwarfs, talking animals, and thousands miracles that could happen inside the story. I admit it that my favorite stories are mostly for children.

That is my enjoy moment! For me, reading fictional stories will be a relaxing time after a bunch of activities. I do not want to think any further explanation why this character does that, why a robber must be killed, or any other conspiration. You know what, this is  totally reversible action from my lecturer’s said in literature classes.

She said, “Reading stories makes you being more human..”
*of course, Ma’am. I had never changed into a semi-human or vampire or animorphs or even zombie*

“…you also reflect your life through the stories…”
*everyone got different stories, I don’t think so*

“…you can also learn from the symbolism and philosophy of the stories.”
*sleepy time*

It really happened to me last semester when I was in Introduction of Literature class for 9 a.m. I was in the first row, under the AC, beside the wall.

Okay, back to the topic. My point is, I read any stories just to entertain me. Some times it’s amazing to know the symbolism or deepest meaning of the stories, but I can’t do it all the time. And I love fairy tales rather than other genres because they are always simple. They are honest, classic, and eternal. Compared to the grown up fictional stories, I found many intrigues, jealousy, and bad stuffs regarding their life’s problems and conflicts. Yes, it can be really happened in a real life, but where’s the point to escape if I read the same stories as mine in the real world?

Another reason why I love fairy tales is I learn that we have separate world, but with some similar features. I realize and I can distinguish that my life is completely different from the stories I read. From this fun fact, I learn that I am not living in fairy world where the stories are likely dreams. I found that I am not a perfect one and I have to try and work hard and pray as strong as I can. Yet, I learn to make a hope in chaotic situation, I learn to believe in the miracles, and I learn that single and eternal power is exist -Allah the Almighty.

So, for me literature is about escaping from real life; it brings me new life and new spirits to walk my life stronger and stronger. It brings me love and beautiful moments, but some times I also can be so influenced that I can’t realize what is actually happening in me. Overall, reading literature does give me pleasure time to improve my life.