Being a woman will be imagined as a feeling-strong person, even bigger when you are growing up. More sensible, more feeling, more prediction, and more curious; despite on our smaller hypothalamus than men’s have.

Well, in the early 20, when everything seems to be complicated; you will know that the heart does have a door. Before 20, I can’t realize. I just know that Allah will lock the man whose heart’s is full of sin and disobey Allah’s order. But I still don’t really realize that the door can be opened and closed.

It came when I turned 20 and everything needs to be managed. 🙂

Sometimes, you open the door when a man looks like giving you more attention than he should give. That’s the nature of women, right? We easily open the door for a man riding a white horse and acquiring all the ideal checklists we made. We hope he will be the only one for our life. But then, we know the facts say different thing.

At first, we may cry or just do something randomly, to not letting him in again. Try to understand and realize what is the fact, try to understand what is God’s mean by passing him to us, try to learn what does it mean for ourself. Just try everything, which basically we try to close our door again.

At the second, we suddenly understand how to close the door again and we really close the door. We want to be a tough girl while we also have a kindness and sensibility for others. It is hard, unless we try to make up our mind and know the timing.

At the third, I don’t know, because we have 2 possibilities. The first one, he will come again after he realizes, the other one is another man will come to knock our door. Yet I learn from this shameful accident that I can even ban every man who wants to enter my heart without any serious commitment. Yet I learn that it depends on me whether I want to open or close mine.

Happy Wednesday! Have a blessful Ramadhan.
Dont be worry, I am a tough girl, I have Allah. 🙂