Did you realize that we are born to save the nature? Well, it reminds me about an ayah in Al Quran that we are created to be the khalifah (leader) in order to manage natural resources in this mother earth.

Is not it too obviously?

Yeah, so I come up with enrolling myself into the first international program called Asian Undergraduate Summit. It is held by the University Scholars Programme Students of National University of Singapore, along with 5 respective universities in 5 ASEAN countries. It consists of two legs; the 1st leg is held in each respective university (June 14-20) and the 2nd leg will be held in Singapore (July 5-12).

It was Joy and me, taking pics in front of the rice field in Lamongan to observe about microhidropower to irrigate local people’s farms. Okay just told you about the picture.

To be continued,