It is the third day in Singapore, attending the 1st Asian Undergraduate Summit program. Yeah, it is special because it is the first time I go abroad. But, there is more reason why it has to be the special one. You know, Singapore is not Muslim-majority country; then you are one of the minority ones. Haha :D. Yeah, this is very challenging, though. Going to Singapore while you are fasting, while not so many proper prayer rooms -such big mosques in Indonesia-, while you are surrounded with so many non-Muslims, while you have to manage your own prayer schedule; it is a bit hard to have a proper fasting as well.

Sultan Mosque, Singapore

But, Allah says, “I don’t want you to have any difficulties to obey My rules and do your obligation as Muslims,” right? So, I often do shalat in the bus, plane, or public places; since I have hectic days and no proper place for praying. It is a sad truth, yet it happens. It’s like I compete with the time and the routines, but finally I can manage it well. Ah, I want to thank an Indonesian guy studying in NUS named Widi Fermadhana Asrah. He was very dreadful at first when we were in Indonesian Leg, cause he pretended as foreigner. And then, he became our nicest tour guide that saved us from absence of shalat. Haha.

But, I visited the Sultan Mosque, in Kampong Glam when the first outing came! MashaAllah, it was the biggest mosque in Singapore. It had big and nice minarets, nice-voice imam, and beautiful ornaments on its wall. It was the most proper place to shalat while I was there (yeah, I am in Surabaya right now). I met with brothers and sisters Muslim from around the world with varies of prayer-clothes, realizing that different countries had different customs; yet it was one way to shalat. Allah showed me how Merciful He is.