I just agree with this quote because whenever I get any feeling of anxiety, fear, dissappointment, or negative emotions; I go riding by myself. In other words, I ride alone; go as far as I want. But then, when I come back home, I will be better than before.

I have a standard female-type of motorcycle which I use in my daily activities. Kind of matic motor, blue, feminine sense, light, but strong and fast. Her name is Vario, from Honda. I always take her from and to campus, travel across Surabaya, and many places.

So, riding is one of the best therapies to heal your emotion. Why? *notice that these are not an academical answer, I am not a psychologist. It is based on my experiences.

1. You try to more open by watching people’s activities. And you can start to think, why they do so and so? When you realize, in some point, you really want to say thanks to God about everything in your life.

2. You can talk to yourself. I usually do this to clear up my mind, I need to spare some time for myself, to discuss what is happenin right now, and believe me. Your will have your stream of consciousness and make short stories by the time you end the conversation with yourself. Yes, it is like talking to the wind; but I am relieved. Some kind of meditation? Ya, if you have religion, just go to your prayer rooms and pray to God after your self-riding.

Of course, it is not the only choice; I still prefer sleeping or writing journal when I get my worst days to riding. In this stage, I am too weak even to lift my motorcycle out from the garage. Yeah, emotion affects your physical strength.