I don’t know why I can’t stop be impressed with this Kanji. Realizin that it consists of two main characters in kanji that means “The Light of Life” makes me hard-breathing.


Let’s break down the kanji. So, the first one is a square with a stroke between it. It symbolizes “sun” or “twinkling stars” or everything shines in the world. It is related with “light”. The second one is the symbol of “life” as I recall my Japanese teacher explained the same character in “Sensei/the person who lives earlier”.

Now I am impressed with this philosophy: star in Japanese means the light of life, simply.

And what the symbol does to my life?
Many things, despite always the God arranges them for me. Literally, I love seeing the stars hanging above the vast sky at night. I know it is a bit melancholic. Yet metaphorically, I hope I meet one star shines through my life and bring me up there to the sky. Who knows, right now I am on my way to the sky? I am just not realizing that I met the star and I set on the position. There is always God’s plan beyond everything.