Who has no problem? Nobody.

Yap, everyone has at least a problem. But when you think the problem lets you down, sometimes it might turn out into burden, then you are asked to struggle more to find solution and pray harder.

Many grown ups say that if you could stand up and face toward your problems, then you are not just old, but mature. Some people still think that age reflects maturity; this is not right. They might conclude from how many experiences they had. Maturity is of course significantly different from the aging. It can’t be determined by your age; but your responses and attitude towards those bunch of experiences and lessons. If you have willingness to learn from everything you got, you’ll get stronger and wiser, thus you could be mature. If not, you know what happens.

Nowadays, I see many people tirelessly change their look to be mature by physical appearance; especially women. Are you sure that they look mature? Or just look old? Why they have to do so? And not surprisingly, they do that for the sake of relationships, steady future jobs, and money. Seems like we can’t do anything without money and stuffs in this capitalism, globalized, and media-brainwashed world. They steal our real identity; and sometimes maturity (based on academic critical research towards social changes).

Well, in the end, problems make you alive, as long as you could stand up and face it. Move out from your comfort zone, but do it in appropriate ways and do the math!