There were some people who were destined to be my “sudden companion” or “an angel” while I was traveling from Surabaya to Japan alone. Solo traveling was not as easy as I thought, yet it was still interesting and fun to be experienced. Actually, it was accidentally happened because of technical problem with the airplane; thus I can’t catch my connecting flight to Japan. Fiuh, this was my first time getting trouble with the airplane experiences. All I knew was I would be safely checking my passport and waiting in the boarding lounge and flying to Japan peacefully. But then, everything suddenly changed. That time, I wanted to cry, I was confused, I was afraid, and I didn’t know what I was going to do. I did. And I needed to calm down and keep being rational.

So, the story continued as I forced Mr. Todo (an officer from the Air Asia) to change my flight to Japan. I didn’t care, it was their responsibility to do that; the most important thing was I had to be in Japan in 14 March. And I really thanked him for his hard work and effort for I went to Japan safely. Without you Sir, I postponed my dream again. Thaaank you very much. I was sorry at the beginning; but I appreciated your work and your company’s commitment to their customers.

My next flight was at 9 p.m. Having a night flight was also nice too; I could see many stars and the moon clearer than I had seen from the earth. The view was very fascinating! Praise to Allah who created them. Looking at the stars reminded me of someone who had the same name, but in another language. He helped me a lot to finish my essay, to have many midnight think tank, to accompany me doing my research, to spend time watching film and laughing together, to share stories and food, and to be my everything. Thank you.

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur International Airport at midnight. It was so huge, it had 4 floors; but wonderful. Here, as I laid all my luggage but couldn’t sleep, a young Malaysian general practitioner (I forgot his name) helped me to find money changer, gave me a bread because I was starving but can’t buy any food because I didn’t have any Ringgit Malaysia, and oversaw my luggage while I was strolling around KLIA. You were the best, bro. I was supposed to buy you some KFC food. Next time, when I meet you, in any occasion, I owe you something.

Then, I got a window seat beside a British couple. They were lovely. Sorry, I forgot their names. They told me that they would have their second honeymoon in Osaka. Before this trip, they had traveled to Australia to visit their relatives, and then went to Japan, enjoying time together. They made me totally envy. You knew, along the 6-hour flight, all they did was complimenting each other or holding hands or smiling without talking but having the eye-to-eye sight as in romantic drama. Unluckily, I didn’t see they kissed; or maybe they did when I was sleeping (who knew that). I wish I had a spouse like them; loving and caring each other. Uwuwuwuw. Baper flight then.

We arrived in Japan safely, Alhamdulillah, at 3 p.m. Japan time. The couple said farewell but I wish I met them again. May Allah always bless you, Ma’am, Sir. The last, of course I would like to say thank you to my professor; Mr. Ogawa Hideki to pick me up and change his schedule all the way from Tokyo to Kansai to Okayama by shinkansen. It was  pleasure to have you as my sensei in Japan. Really, you had me like I was your daughter.

Ya, solo traveling grows your awareness and strengthen your mentality. It makes you being stronger to face the challenge, to manage yourself, and to realize that you cannot stand without Allah. Beside, you will learn that  never feeling so lonely, because remember, Allah will always be by your side. He helps you right after you need help; He helps you in the right time.