Tomorrow, my oldest cousin from my father’s brother will say a vow to his soulmate and life-mate (jodoh), InsyaAllah. He uploaded a wedding invitation card in Instagram, informing the world that they would be re-united after waiting for a long time. So, I know it too, even my mother has told me since last month. Then, as my apologize to him, I give comment below his caption.

After a series of a prayer, “Have a blessful marriage,” I wrote.

Usually, I use the word “wedding” to congratulate families, friends, and colleagues. But this time, I change the word with more complex understanding, so it is a “marriage”.

A vow spoken from a groom to his bride is a life-time promises. It is not only seasonal love or the childhood love or something wizzy wuzzy. It means growing old, making a family, walking side by side, facing the hardship, and celebrating any kind of moments, (by any means also sleeping) together. You carefully choose and pick someone to be your life-time partner, so that it is a serious decision you have ever made.

Here, I realize that wedding is only a celebration, ceremony to legitimate the status of the two love birds. But marriage refers to the rest process of one’s transformation about his or her life. It really is a huge and heroic step.

So, ya… I lift my hands and pray for a blessed marriage; a sakinah, mawaddah, rahmah marriage when the vow has been clearly spoken to shake the arsy of Allah.